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Why, in this America, is there a presumption of dangerousness against Black and Brown people?

Why should a Black man in this country have to live daily with the threat that one in three black men will be incarcerated this century in America?

Why does Cook Country Criminal Court Building at 26th & Cali look like Beyonce’ and Jay-Z are performing inside on any morning of the week?

Why aren’t our prosecutors concerned with achieving justice?

Why is a Black man 3.5 times more likely to be arrested than a White man in 2017?

I’m a 50 year old, Alabama-bred, slightly-birth-privileged, Black lawyer with no criminal record and no unpaid tickets or citations, not listed with Homeland Security, living single in a “wealthy” (as described by the claimant), recently constructed single family home with white porcelain floors and an in-floor jacuzzi, driving a vintage black Mercedes Benz.  How might the narrative of my arrest and 25-month vicious prosecution by the Alvarez regime have been different if I had been:

  1.  A married White man living in Winnetka;
  2.  A partnered White man living in Bucktown or Boystown;
  3.  A married Black man living on 49th and Greenwood;
  4.  A partnered Black man living in the South Loop or West Loop; or
  5.  A Black, tattooed, middle-aged wannabe thug living off 79th over east who actually might have possessed some weed to blaze?

Why do so many (not all) White Americans think that Black folks have to live like them, think like them, share their zip code, and drink their water, to be sane, descent, credible, honest, trustworthy, successful, engaged and happy?  Why do some Black folks think and feel the same about their own race?

Why has the leadership of America’s largest and most prestigious, white-controlled businesses and firms accepted their whiteness with such pride, corporate satisfaction, and complicity?

Why is it okay for a White power elite to command a Black partner to “get his cell phone charged!” and incur no consequences for such racist behavior?

If your former partner or team member or fellow employee or roommate or carpool buddy or pen pal were to be acquitted of a heinous crime, would you send her a note, a telegram, an email, a SOS, a smoke signal, a note by carrier pigeon, a text, an IG message, a Tweet, a FB message, or some form of communique acknowledging her acquittal and perhaps congratulating her on weathering that horrendous experience?  Would you expect her employer to send her an official acknowledgement or congratulatory statement or well wishes for the future?

Why does America treat its poor so poorly?  Do the power elite thrive on the vulnerability of others?

Why do the power elite dispense loyalty in such an inequitable, disparate manner when Black lives and careers are the agenda?

Why do powerful White men have the need to disenfranchise those who don’t look or act like them?

Why, in the largest 250 law firms in this country, do Black partners comprise less than 1.5% of all partners?

Why do fifteen White managing partners of any law firm or the all-white executive leadership team of any corporation feel that they can sit around a marble table on the 60th floor of a skyscraper and decide policies and strategies for racially diverse personnel that will actually help in any meaningful way?  Why do they have the arrogance to feel they are equipped to do that?  Why do we allow those proud CEOs and managing partners to get away with their public proclamation that diversity and inclusion are “core values” of their firm/corporation, while concurrently reporting diversity statistics that are worse than their diversity profile was 15, 20 and 25 years ago?  Why are they so comfortable in making such illogical proclamations (lies), and why are they so happy?  Fortune Magazine and the Am Law 100 report that billion dollar enterprises achieve their “core values!”

Why do the few Blacks who get initiated into the fraternity of the power elite forget so easily and deny so completely. 

Why should every Black and Brown person in this country be terrified that Americans elected Donald  Trump?

Why was a reporter from one of Chicago’s largest newspapers present in the courtroom for my bond hearing at 8:00p.m. on a Friday evening?  I’m not a celebrity or a star athlete who would garner such attention.  Why was that reporter the only reporter present that cold evening?  Was that reporter/newspaper “tipped off” by one of the limited few who had prior knowledge of my untimely arrest?  Why wasn’t that newspaper reporter or any newspaper reporter present for my co-defendant’s bond hearing which occurred during normal business hours?

Notwithstanding your full exoneration, how would you feel if you had to wear the Scarlet Letters “SA” for the remainder of your life and no matter what you did, you could not remove the “SA” brand from your chest and back—like the everlasting lashes from the whip of a disloyal slave master!?  SA SA SA SA SA SA SA SA!!!!!!!  Damn!