The Blue Suite


The color blue is an inherent oxymoron — holds such promise and power; simultaneously bears such pain and paucity.  Looking up, one sees the sky in its infinite possibilities.  As the gaze turns wide, the reflection of the ocean and its omnipotence abound.  Its many hues — wedgewood, ultramarine, sea-foam, sky, cerulean emanate.  

A Black man looks within, he finds a deep blues. The blues of Sonny that James Baldwin talked about in 1965. Placed in the ghettos to silence the sentimental moods far beyond the sounds of Harlem.  Lorraine Hansberry’s expression of the blues in A Raisin in the SunThe Bluest Eye all colored-up by Toni Morrison.  The color blue, worn proudly by too many as a uniform of violence and injustice in this America.

Where is the color of peace; of justice? Welcome to The Blue Suite. You may now take off your Blues.