Jim Crow:  The Old is the New


They sent a lynch mob. Eight officers cloaked in blue uniforms and other garb.  The rope already hung before the charges were brought.  The court date set for the hanging of a well-lived life, a hard-earned career.  Deep south like, but Chicago style this time.  The line quickly formed with people from the town and colleagues.  They were thirsty for blood; there had not been a lynching in some time.  Lead prosecutor Anderson rallied the crowd.  

After the acquittal, that big power elite managing partner stood up all proud and uttered, innocent until proven guilty is a criminal standard! 

NO evidence whatsoever was collected from the supposed crime scene, no witnesses questioned.  But, you don’t need all that for a 21st Century American lynching you see.  All you need is a Nigga, a rope, and a tree!