Generations of Sistas; Thank You


She carried Me.  On her back like the barrels of cotton toted by our ancestors. Taking My hand while running away from the plantations of headlines and false accusations.  She protected Me, hiding Me away underground in a safe haven where no one dared to venture.  She stood in front of the post as charges were brought like lashes to My back. She brought me to across the Mississippi River, to where the "scarlet letter R" case was dismissed and I again became a free man.  She is My blood.  My tears. 

She is My sister, My mother, My grandmother, My great-grandmother and her mothers.  She is a sharecropper, a grammarian and linguist, a librarian, a physical ed teacher, a journalist, a politician, a perfectionist, a principal, an administrator, a sophisticate, a slave.  She is ME, and I am them.  Most urgently, because of her, I STAND, UNBOWED!