(Rules) In These Streets


A study conducted by University of California Davis professor found that unarmed blacks are 3.49 times more likely to be shot by police than unarmed whites.  Long before statistics or research on the subject, black mothers and fathers were teaching lessons of survival, so that when their children went out into these streets they might come home before the lights come on.

1. No games will be played in Cleveland, Ohio.
Name: Tamir Rice
Age: 12
Crime: Playing with a toy.
Killed by: Police Officer

2. Hoodies are not allowed in Sanford, Florida.
Name: Trayvon Martin
Age: 17
Crime: Purchasing  Skittles and an Arizona ice tea in a gated community.   
Killed by: Neighborhood Watch Captain

3. Hands up at all times in Ferguson, Missouri.
Name: Michael Brown
Age: 18
Crime: Jaywalking.
Killed by: Police Officer

4. You’ll be lucky if you make it to 25 in Oakland, California. Name: Oscar Grant
Age: 22
Crime: Riding public transportation.  
Killed by: BART Police Officer

5. No driving while black in Hempstead, Texas.
Name: Sandra Bland
Age:  28
Crime: Failure to use turn signal.
Killed by: Waller County Jail

6.  Nigga, You Bet'a Not Speak Yo Mind AND Do You AND Live in Yo House in Bronzeville
Name:  Stanley B. Stallworth, Esq.
Age:  50
Crime:  Allowing a Nephew to host an acquaintance in His humble abode over Thanksgiving 2013
Killed by:  Anita Alvarez, Thomas A. Charles, Mark Anderson, Charley D. Phillips, Larry A. Miller, Patricia Sullivan, Theodore M. Conlon, Billy F. Barden, Carter Dwight Douglas, Uncle Tom G, Michael Baum, and Aunt Jemima.  Having the unmitigated gall to think he should be able to continue his hard earned legal career after his acquittal (in that the law protects persons charged with a crime, but not convicted.)