Move Spirit: Sanity and Obsession


I am not the artist.  
I am merely the medium.
My creations are not of My own,
but of a spirit and it has chosen Me.  
It travels through ME, dictating every stroke,
movement and decision.  
I do not think.  
I just move.  
I wait for it to speak.

Sometimes it comes in a whisper.  
Other times a jolt. I crave it’s energy.  
I am fueled by its obsession to be heard.
When it visits, no matter the length of time,
I feel high like the waft of a sweet Magnolia in the Heart of Dixie.

Scent of the Pine, you know how I feel. 
Sane and insane all at the same time,
buzzing all around in my head
like a bumble bee in the Alabama heat.