Just Because:  Life Remains Beautiful

THE FAMILY by Art Bacon

THE FAMILY by Art Bacon

Once, I had to have a reason for everything I did. Salutatorian and Summa cum Laude.  Carefully selected boards and acquaintances.  Every detail planned out to a precise degree.  The perfect interview suit, cuff links perfectly adorned.  Living life inside of a box of MY complete design with very specific dimensions and requisites.  I was in total control.  The master of MY fate and all that Invictus-esque stuff.  But LIFE had its own agenda.

Things I never accounted for in my original measurements. Just Cuz you planned it, don’t mean it’s going to turn out that way. Just Cuz it ain’t fair or just, don’t mean you can't still assemble something beautiful, grand and worthy from it!  Bask in the beauty of the uncertainty--the Just Cuz.

Through it all, I learned that I don’t need a reason. Damn reason.  Damn you and your opinion of ME and MY Jus Cuz.  Jus Cuz is MY friend and she is good enough for me. Just Cuz it’s Tuesday. 

Just Cuz I liked it. Just Cuz I sat there and drank 5 country shots of moonshine on the back porch.  Just Cuz I likes Pop's Chow-Chow on my collards, acid reflux notwithstanding.  Just Cuz the Power Elite unfairly and illegally stole My equity, put it right up on the chopping block like a piece of stale calf’s liver, doesn't mean I can't buy that art (all of it), or cruise in that new whip, or take that quick weekend trip wit MY boys. 

Just Cuz I like sitting around the fire-pit telling lies with the Evergreenians.  Just Cuz My A&M gang and I laugh at the same ol quips 35 years later!  Just Cuz you got a felony hanging over yo head, a massive blood clot in yo brain, over $2.5MM in mortgages pulling at yo pockets, don't mean they won’t leave yo azz standing there with no clothes on—bare—Just Cuz they can.  Just like those swept-up Africans who stood there on the auction block and had their cheeks bared and spread wide by their soon-to-be masters.  Just Cuz tells you that you can just up and QUIT yo plantation job of 24 years. For real?  Do it Just Cuz--that’s reason enough as any!