The Least Among Us


Some people don't need a lot to be happy. Their wealth is not measured by material things, but by their family, their goodness and their faith.  We must learn to value all people, no matter their challenges, their disabilities, their lifestyles, their barriers.  Christine is the main artist featured in this series--sometimes solo, sometimes in collaboration with HIM or other artists.

She uses her fingers as brushes and her heart as her canvas.  To add to other challenges, during the course of Black Man Blues, Christine was struck with Stage 4 Rectal Cancer.  She smiles daily.  She cries and moans when it hurts.  We painted together when I was approaching insanity.  We paint together when she needs sanity and comfort and when we both need to forget the finiteness of life.  Some of the most celebrated artists in America have collaborated with her and with Me in this series.  Christine causes Me to recognize and appreciate daily that she is The Best Among Us.

All profits from the sale of artwork from this Series will be used to pay for Christine's doctor bills, and ongoing healthcare after her surgery.